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Correction shoes for toddlers with high arches
Orthopedic ankle supportive boots
Blue and black leather boots with wool lining.
Accented with a blue dog on the side.
Close with a double velcro and zipper for easy on and off.
Orthopedic arch
present since no snow boots are ever flat for kids in Europe.
Good ankle, arch and support present.
Those boots are super quality and you baby will walk great in them.
They offer it all that shoes should have for a child
Arches, ankle support and proper foot alignment
Don't think of shoes as shoes for kids, think foot forming and good posture.

Orthopedic ankle supportive boots

They slide easily on foot and close with a double velcro


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Janice C from Washington 2015-10-29 14:56:13

Those are absolutely perfect snow boots. That wool inside is just amazing. Soft, light, breathable and vivid blue boots. I am from UK and mostly in the stores you see quality shoes for children, but not in USA. Cheap, plastic and non-leather shoes in every store I have been. Horrible - honestly, no wonder why American's have such deformed feet. It is from cheap shoes - definitely. I will continue to buy from that store since finally I had found quality store for kids.

Christine C - Darien, IL 2013-12-09 23:26:15

Just bought them in Hinsdale store this past Saturday and I am so glad that I did. Those are wonderful snow boots. My baby walks in them so nice and they are very light in weight. Not heavy and bulky as they look. The wool inside is amazing and they are really easy to place them off and on - they have velcros and zipper on the side. (I love that). I buy all my kids shoes in that store and they feet turned out great - I don't see them walking with collapsed ankles or pigeon toed. I know that quality shoes did that and all the money that I spent on them shows the results now. When I see my friends kids and their feet (I never comment on that) but they walk like chickens...maybe I should not run my mouth here but I constantly told my friends to buy only quality shoes for kids but my comments were ignored.....well, I guess every parent makes a choice. I made mine.