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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Konewka Lavender

Corrective baby purple sandals with best heel support

Corrective baby sandals with best heel support.
Proper orthopedic sandals for a new walker or already walking toddler.
Ankle high with reinforced heel for support
High arch inside added to the sole of the model.
Great leather inside and out and processed well with padded collar.
Absolute best ankle high sandals for a baby for walking.
Lavender/white smooth leather.
Decorated with leather flowers.
Triple velcro close to stabilize ankles to perfection.
High arches, soft soles, ankle support best with reinforced heel
Baby will never sweat or develop any blisters in those sandals.
They are finished to perfection and never will give baby baby blisters despite being ankle high.
They feature acti-fresh soles that keep feet perspiration free.
No sweaty smelly feet in those little sandals ever.
Superior quality sandals perfect for hot Summer time.

The best playground, preschool sandals for any toddler.
Those are proper orthopedic sandals for a child that every baby wears in Europe.
Avoid cheap none supportive shoes from China as they destroy and deform kids feet.
China has no clue how to produce quality and they have no clue what orthopedic shoe even is.
Quality shoes only come from Europe and they manufacture there.
Shoes form and support kids feet so it is important that child wears only best shoes at all times.

High arch baby girl sandals for walking

Flat foot best support high arch sandals


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