Corrective shoes for intoeing children

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Pieczarka Beige

Corrective shoes for intoeing children
Natural beige cream leather sneakers for children intoeing with good arch
Casual sneakers for children European made
Beige leather with pink accent for intoeing.
Total ankle support children leather sneakers for intoeing
Left ankle turning in corrective intoeing children shoes for girls
Those shoes will align and straight your kids feet over time.
They feature ankle support even if they are low in the back but heel is reinforced and support so no pronation.
Child will be wearing them and they will not bent in the back due to special support.
Arch support is present in them of course since no flat shoes is ever produced in Europe.
It takes time to deform kids feet with cheap shoes (all shoes sold in USA are made in China and they are not orthopedic)
So it takes time to support and restore them.
Pigeon toes usually takes 3 years but noticable difference will be seen in about 1 year or so.
Just remember not to rotate them with none supportive shoes since you will never see any effect.
Quality shoes only for a child and they end up with well formed profiled feet.
They close with 3 velcros.
Good sneaker sole for comfort walking.
Best brand of shoes for children for support and intoeing.

Excellent leather orthopedic arch shoes for kids

Flat foot best support leather shoes for kids


Lucy D - New York, NY - 11/05/2020

Much prettier then the picture....beige with pink - perfect for year round wear. Flexible, soft and best arch support in those. Great, great shoes. My child enjoyed to wear them everyday. After 6 months they still look great. I am buying another pair since they tested very well.

Nancy - mom from Texas - 30/10/2019

Arches like the color and design is nice too...easy on and off style and tested well after non stop daily wear. Expensive but well worth the money for quality shoes....

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