Deformed feet in girls best corrective red snow boots

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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Cytryna Red

Deformed feet in girls best corrective snow boots
High arch snow boots for kids with best support
Profiled soles that will never sweat or perspire.
Child can wear them even all day at school.
Those boots are not clunky or chunky.
Light and flexible as they should be.
Made out of the best quality leather and gortex mix.
They will never leak water nor snow.
They are red in color with white/gray/red side flower.
Proper supportive snow boots that would form foot correctly not destroy it.
Columbia snow boots, UGS, Sorrel and other heavy snow boots - they are horrible for kids feet.
Heavy rubber boots that claim to be waterproof but they are so heavy to the point that they destroy body gait of a child.
Total insanity that no one practices in Europe.
Kids in Europe have well formed feet and posture.
Shoes form and support growing forming feet so why junk shoes that cause more damage then you can imagine.

Please those boots are lined with wool so go up a size in them. 

High arch snow boots for kids with best support

The sheep wool that will not perspire and keep the little feet dry and protected


Joyce from NY  -  11/12/2019

Great snowboot - light, flexible and that wool inside is just amazing. They have a heel support and they bend easily. Wonderful color as well. They are not too high so that is great since my daughter walks in them really great. Bought sandals from that store in the Summer (some brand I never head of) and they wore like iron, had a support and all. Never knew that European shoes are so well made. I buy only 2 per season and they last entire 7 months and even after that they look brand new.

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