Tall fashion orthopedic purple snow boots for a girl

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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Lavenda Purple

Tall fashion orthopedic snow boots for a girl
Unique lamb leather snow boots for your girl.
Waterproof snow proof fashion boots for kids.
Purple lamb leather with waterproof gortex lining inside.
It will never soak any water or snow.
Beautiful style and color, fashion boot but for snow.
Kids in Europe wear them daily and even in school.
Child will never sweat in those boots since they do absorb sweat from innersoles.
They are also light in weight - like feather.
Snow boots cannot be clunky, chunky and heavy
They will destroy kids body gait.
We had kids coming to the store in a winter wearing some heavy rubber snow boots - heavy.....
Sometimes boots weight more then child themselves.
Well, how is that good for foot alignment and body gait?
Child walks and has a hard time wearing such heavy boots over time becomes pigeon toed and parent wonders what has happened?
Well, it if from those heavy, heavy rubber boots -
In Europe those kind of boots out of rubber will never pass orthopedic approval.
Never, first will be the material they are made off, then how heavy they are, third they are not orthopedic.
Ministry of Health will never approve or pass them since footwear for kids in Europe is regulated.
Shoes form kids feet and body so best shoes will only do.

Waterproof snow proof fashion boots for kids.

The boots are lined with thick sheep natural wool


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