Designer Italian Shoes for Kids that Correct Ankles | High Arches

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Brand: Pink Apple

Product Code: Geria Pink

Designer Italian shoes for kids that correct ankles
Unique designer Italian shoes for a girl from Italy.
Flat feet best support kids mary janes with arches
Manufactured in Italy by Pink Apple brand that produces designer Italian mary janes for kids.
Pink Apple factory manufactures Italian shoes for all designer kids labels like Dolace and Gabana, Missioni, Laura Biagotti and others.
The Italian shoes are just lovely pink leather decorated with hand stitched flowers and hearts.
Fantastic ortho Italian mary janes for a girl not only beautiful but also orthopedic and functional.
Designed to form support your toddlers feet to the fullest capacity.
Handmade beautiful Italian made shoe.

First step designer Italian shoes for toddler with high arches
High arch running designer Italian mary janes for a toddler
Arches present with high support and good ankle support for a child.
Sweat preventive best soles with antibacterial lining inside.

Orthopedic designer Italian mary janes for a child with proper ankle and arch support.
Type of a mary janes that every child does need for correct foot and posture development.
We Europeans only place such caliber designer footwear on our kids and they grew up with perfectly formed and shaped kids feet.
Child can avoid all orthopedic problems with proper designer footwear as those.
Pigeon toes, ankle pronation is not caused by birth - it is caused by wearing low quality designer footwear as child.
All the local designer mary janes sold in USA are made out of low quality materials and they do not provide any support for kids feet.
Quite contrary they deforming kids feet over time.

Designer Italian mary janes in pink leather

Great quality footwear kids arches


Cindy - Sarasota, FL  -  23/08/2021

Cute shoes, well made and colorful. Beautiful - all made in Italy. Thanks,

H.C. - San Francisco, CA  -  19/07/2020

Those are actually great quality shoes - pricey but very well made. I inspected them in detail and craftmanship is superb on them so it is expected from Italian made product. The support is great in those shoes as well plus they plainly cute for a child. I had Pink Apple shoes before that I bought from your site and they held up very well. This is why I decided to buy another pair because of quality. Thanks,

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