Dress winter boots for girls with good arch

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Dress winter boots for girls with good arch
Snow boots for girls with good arches, tall and knee length height.
Weak ankles and pronation best for kids
They are not clunky nor heavy for a child to wear - literally weightless.
None sweat soles present inside those cool boots.
Fleece and gortex lined for water protection and warmth. 
Will never leak any water or snow.
Made out of gray faux leather outside and warm fleece inside.

Orthopedic arch inside and reinforced heel support effective against pronation.
Proper orthopedic boots made in Europe
Shoes form and support kids feet so only best ones needs to be worn by children.
Orthopedic problems in kids are cause of wearing none supportive shoes as a child.
That is why we in Europe never wear cheap shoes nor place them on our children.
Kids feet are formed and shaped by shoes they wear so only best shoes with proper support will do.

Knee length leather boots for kids.

The boots are lined with wool


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