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Extra wide boys leather shoes with high arch
High arch shoes for kids with flat feet
Wide toe box high instep for boys
Leather is a durable material and it expends about 30%
Velcros are long so they will close the shoe properly
Not soft in the back since heel is always supported in European made shoes.

Shoes shape kids feet so arches are needed and proper foot support.
That is why shoes for kids are very important as they affect feet and body posture.
Lovely color black and gray mix

High arch shoes for kids with flat feet

Perfect for kids with high instep and wide feet shoes


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Lilly 2015-01-05 04:21:51

Perfect for wide feet. Those shoes have everything that I was searching for - style, quality, good leather and excellent arch support. It was my first order and the shoes arrived super fast to my door. Those folks help me with size and width. The shoes were good size right out of the box. I will be back in a Spring for more shoes. Thanks,

Parker - Austin, TX 2012-09-18 23:50:55

Durable and well made shoes for a kid. Best arch support that I have seen in kids shoes. Pricey but worth the money.