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Fashion slip on leather sneakers for boys

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Caleb Jeans

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  • Fashion slip on leather sneakers for boys
    Cool, unique and comfortable.
    Offered to teen sizes!
    Manufactured in Serbia by Naturino out of top quality leather.
    Those are top of the line shoes for kids and teens.

    Blue leather with blue jeans canvas decoration.
    100% leather inside and out.
    Weak ankles supportive sneakers with reinforced ankle support.
    Orthopedic arches present inside and none sweat soles.
    Proper arches will straighten and form feet, ankle support boots will straighten girls feet.

    Did you know that shoes shape kids feet, straighten their feet thus quality boots on your child 24/7

    Do not buy low quality boots in general as they deform kids feet.

    All the feet problems are cause of none orthopedic garbage boots from China.
    Cheap boots deform and destroy kids feet and quality boots will straighten kids feet.
    If child is pronated, pigeon toed, ankles collapsing - those boots will straighten their feet.
    Shaping kids feet takes time and straighten ankles and feet so is deforming them with cheap shoes.

    Flat foot support leather sneakers for boys

    Great support leather sneakers


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