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Flat feet ballerina gray flats for narrow feet

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Manufacturer Formentini

Product Code: Alina Silver

  • SKU: 55-78945210
  • Flat feet ballerina flats for narrow feet
    Super nice leather shoes for a girl that actually stay on their feet.
    Foot problem shoes for kids since they do have orthopedic arches present.
    Made in Italy by Formentini.
    Gray silver leather and decorated with black rubber with diamonds.
    That rubber keeps the shoes on and they not slip out.
    Shoes stay on thanks to back support build into the style.

    Arches, soft leather support - all in that style.
    Runs small so add one size to the one you are planning to buy.

    Foot problem shoes for kids

    Ballerina with good arch that stays on kids feet


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