Flat feet gray sneakers for boys with arches

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Cezary Gray

Flat feet best sneakers for boys with arches
Great shoes for a boy with ortho arches present
Reinforced, sturdy back that would keep ankle supported best for flat feet.
High arch support present with anti sweat soles best for flat feet.
Corrective shoes for flat feet ankle pronation and all orthopedic problems.
Orthopedic shoes are only made in Europe since footwear regulations in Europe strict.
Gray leather with orange accent and very durable for daily wear and torture.
Those are durable and proper shoes for a any boy with actual support
The sole even overlapses the heel so they will not scuff at all since sole will protect it against the wear.
They are manufactured in Europe not China...since only orthopedic shoes come from Europe.
Europeans are experts in quality leather and shoes, orthopedic shoes included.
Those are proper orthopedic shoes for a boy with actual ankle support, heel support
Perfect against ankle pronation, pigeon toe and proper foot alignment.

Leather shoes for boy in gray leather with orange decoration

Gray running sneakers for boys


North Dakota Mom  -  05/07/2022

Very nice, great support in them as well.....

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