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Flat foot best correction snow boots for toddlers

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Hurias Blue

  • SKU: 457854226
  • Flat foot best correction boots for toddlers
    Orthopedic, yes they are with arches added to the soles of the boots.
    There is no such thing as flat shoes that come from Europe.
    Arches are always present in any brand manufactured there.
    Sole is profiled and fitted for a child with good support, lining is just added to the top for comfort and warmth of a child.
    Lined with gortex and wool. That combo makes a great waterproof effect.
    Ware them in a winter and crazy cold winter, child will never have wet feet.
    Ankle support is added to the boots
    Flat foot best correction boots for toddlers.
    Blue/navy leather with gray accent.
    They are light in weight and absolute best for a child.
    No cheap heavy boots for a child - especially those made in China.
    They are garbage shoes for your child and even you think child wears them short time they will destroy and deform your toddler feet.

    Ankle support best snow boots

    Wool lined waterproof boots for a toddler


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