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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Santi Gray

Flexible sole sneakers for children with arches

Flexible sole sneakers for children
Perfect unisex style that child can wear all Summer long with no socks
They feature antibacterial innersoles so feet never smell in them ever.
Orthopedic arches are in the soles since no flat shoes are ever produced in Europe.
Sole contours to the foot and arch is added to the sole.
Antibacterial soles are there so no sweaty smelly feet ever.
Leather inside mash material outside.
Fantastic gray color with yellow accents
Stain resistant gray mash so they will not get dirty quickly.
Made in Serbia for Naturino brand.
We love those sneakers are they are staple for every Summer season.
We order them every year and offered them in literally every color.
Those shoes have all the makings of quality orthopedic shoe
Shoes are ultra important for kids feet as they form their feet and posture.
By wearing good shoes at all times, you forming kids feet and posture in proper way.
Child will never have any walking or feet problems if constantly wears good quality shoes.
Those sneakers are green and yellow and all leather inside
Outside there is a leather with mash material mix.

Gray mash material sneakers for boys with weak ankles

Sneakers that do not smell from Europe


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