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Foot support for flat feet
Purple leather mary janes for girls 
Ankle turning inwards support kids shoes
Purple leather.
Decorated with flower and hint of gray color.
Great foot support as it should be for a child with growing feet.
Those shoes are not exception, have everything that is needed for proper ortho support.
Quality shoes as those form kids feet, posture and gait alignment.
European shoes are the only orthopedic ones.
Please note - this shoe was a display model, brand new new let the store.
However leather exposed to daylight changes color over time
We rotate those shoes all the time but in that one right sole (front) on that shoe got discolored.
Tip of the shoe is a bit yellow from light
It does not affect the wear at all -
The soles will turn yellowish eventually from wearing the shoe but it will happen on both shoes and you will never tell the difference that sole was a different color.
That is what happens with all the shoes made with rubber soles - natural course of light exposure.

Ankle turning inwards support kids shoes

Purple high arch shoes for girls


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