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Good shoes for kids with flat feet

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Manufacturer Remut

Product Code: Mondia Fuschia

  • SKU: 12-1252
  • Good shoes for kids with flat feet
    Orthopedic with visible arches present for girls
    None sweat soles present and best leather used.
    Fuchsia leather used with small flower.
    Heel will stay in the packet when child is walking so her feet will be well supported.
    They are not soft in the best so ankles will not collapse but stay supported.
    Example of orthopedic shoe that child does need since their feet are forming.
    If child has flat feet 3% of it is genetic rest is caused by cheap shoes with no support from China.
    Any brand you pick that is sold in USA is not supportive not orthopedic.
    Only shoes that are manufactured in Europe are best quality and orthopedic.
    They are not cheaply made and they cost good money.
    Well, it is money well spent since child does need good shoes for her feet.
    We in Europe always paid good money for shoes for kids and even adults.
    Kids feet are formed due to shoes they wear so if they wear cheap shoes many orthopedic problems will arise.
    Any child condition you mention pigeon toe, ankle pronation, supination pronation is caused by cheap shoes.
    So think of shoes are need for a child not a fashion statement.

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