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High top sneakers boys

High top sneakers boys
Proper ankle support baby boots that will form and support your toddlers feet.
Kind of shoes that every child wears in Europe and ends up with well formed feet and posture.
No cheap shoes with zero support are allowed for sale in Europe.
Manufacturers are regulated to orthopedic shoes only with proper support.
Shoes impact and support kids feet so they have to be the best one with proper support.
If child wears cheap shoes with no support then their feet get deformed and various orthopedic issues will arise.
Does your child pronate, pigeon toe, ankles turning inwards, flat feet (only 5% of flat feet are genetic rest is caused by shoes without arches).
Guess what - the reason for orthopedic problems are cheap shoes with zero support - all made in China.
Crocks, Keens, cheap sneakers, Nike, New Balance, Jordans, UGS, Sorel, Nike and other junk they importing to USA from low cost countries.
That is a cause of all kids orthopedic problems - garbage shoes with zero support.
Just think about it - does rubber or plastic shoes truly support your kids feet?
How is the cheap leather shoe with zero ankle support, zero arches, zero measured soles could be beneficial for growing and forming feet?
Do they support child ankles, feet, posture, body gait?
How does it happen exactly?
So, when local USA pediatrician tells you that shoes for a child does not matter
Then completely ignore that, it is not true.
European pediatricians, foot doctors will be just shocked by that statement!
Shoes form and shape kids feet, posture and body so only best shoes with support are able to do that.
Cheap shoes with zero support DEFORM AND DESTROY YOUR KIDS FEET.
Ask Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, French, Polish or Serbian origin what kind of shoes they put on their children?
They never tell you they buy shoes made in China with no support.
Shoes in Europe are supportive and there is a reason for that
Countless studies were made in 1950 till present and clearly showing impact of orthopedic shoes on kids feet and overall body health.
Don't think of shoes as shoes.....no European think like that...we think well formed feet and no orthopedic problems and that is why we spent money on those shoes.
Child wears them entire season (5-6 months little guy) and only 2 pairs are needed per season.

Orthopedic best quality boots for kids

Medical boots for kids with arches


Miriam - NH  -  06/09/2019

I appreciate all the info provided with description of those shoes! You are 100% correct shoes in USA are pure crap and deform kids feet. Shoes made in Europe are absolute best and form kids feet correctly. (I know since I grew up there and we wear only quality shoes as children and end up with well formed feet). Thank God I can buy them online from your store, as in NH local shoes for kids in the store is like suicide for kids feet. All junk with zero support. How those kids can have well formed feet when shoes are such crap locally. Just think about it. Thank you for the shoes - they are the best as described by toddler loves them and they have it all. Arch, support, soft soles and best leather used.

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