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Good winter waterproof boots for boys with arches

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Prusak Black

  • SKU: 55-45789
  • Good winter boots for kids with arches.
    Flat foot orthopedic arches present ankle support snow boots
    Wool and gortex mix for waterproof effect in those boots.
    Best arches winter boots for wet, cold winter.
    Made out of black leather with orange accent.
    Velcro close, great sole with traction and best for wearing in a snow.
    Totally waterproof boots with arches added to the sole of the model.
    Orthopedic arch with present and added to the soles.
    If you feel them with your hand inside, they appear to be flat but they are not, arches added to the sole of the boots or shoes.
    Technology changed since 1990 and support is present in a sole.
    Lining inside is just for comfort of walking but arches in the soles.
    Much better technology since rubber arches will never go flat during wear, but leather lining will go flat.
    Thus once improvements were made since 1990 that was beneficial for all the European shoes and boots.
    No flat shoes, boots or sandals are ever produced in Europe
    No such thing - all orthopedic with arches or nothing
    Footwear is regulated in Europe by Ministry of Health so all the boots have to have arches.
    They regulate manufacturers in Europe and set guidelines how supportive shoes have to be made.
    If they are not produced in Europe or supportive then they have no business to be in she business.
    Shoes are considered developmental need for a child - not a fashion in any way.
    If you placing cheap shoes or boots on child's feet they sure become ankle pronated, pigeon toed or with flat feet.
    Shoes shape and form kids feet so it is important they are quality ones.
    Invest in good European shoes with actual arches as their feet form kids feet and posture.

    Wool lined black supportive boots

    Good winter boots for boys with arches


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