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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Matzan Blue

Healthy walking house shoes for kids

Healthy walking house shoes for kids.
Made out navy canvas material featuring a school bus.
Side clip that will stabilize child's foot.
Orthopedic arches present.
True support house for a toddler - they will prevent many feet problems and help to restore baby's foot to healthy condition.
Try them every child wears them in Europe.
Every child wears them in Europe in daycare or house.
They are perfect new walkers for a small child as they provide needed support and structure for small feet.
We in Europe never put soft shoes with soft sole on any child.
No support, no ankle support no structure - then it is not a good shoe for a child.
Just imagine whole body weight goes to your feet when you stand up.
Kids feet are like jello you can form them anyway you like thus support is needed as joins are not formed well in kids feet.
Thus ankle supportive shoes to prevent pronation, pigeon toes and flat feet are a must.
Those slippers were invented over 30 years ago by orthopedic doctor and they are still sold and manufactured today.
We call them orthopedic house shoes and they play function of quality shoe that is best to wear indoor.
Leather shoes outside and canvas shoes inside - that way feet are supported at all times.

Excellent leather orthopedic innersole with great arch support

Ortho slippers for boys


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