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High arch boys shoes orthopedic
Absolute best ankle
high toddler shoes with proper ortho support.
Those little shoes offer it all - good arches, ankle support and none sweat soles.
Best walking shoes for a boy learning to stand and walk.
Great leather used
on those super shoes.
Perfect cross between a sandal and shoe since they could be worn barefoot.
Perfect supportive,
orthopedic toddler shoes that you could buy.
Will correctly support children feet and posture.
Exact ortho high tops that every baby wears in Europe.
Thanks to those shoes kids end up with perfect feet and good posture.
All orthopedic feet problems
could be avoided with quality shoes.
Kids feet are formed due to the shoes they wear.
If they wear shoes with no support made out of rubber, plastic or some other cheap material
Without any support - they will end up with pronated or pigeon toed or even flat feet.
Shoes in Europe cost money to manufacture.
They are expensive there as well but we view them as foot developmental need for a child.
Child does not need many shoes, just 2 pairs a season of quality shoes for entire 5-6 months of wear.

New start up walkers for a boy

Perfect supportive, orthopedic toddler shoes


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