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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: August Olive

Walking leather wide high instep baby boys shoes

High instep baby walking leather shoes or sandals.
Best for a baby with flat feet since they have arches and heel support.
Sturdy heel support, stable for new walker.
Ankle support best for pronation and toeing in
Those shoes will correct it all and provide best toddler support.
They are the best for pronation, pigeon toe and tip toe walking.
Shoes have to be supportive for a child and assist in posture and foot development.
Perfect for wide feet and high instep toddler.
Arches like inflated beach balls, added to the soles.
Child will never smell in those great shoes.
They absorb smell and sweat from baby feet.
Could be worn barefoot but wear them with socks first so they expand since leather expands 30% once worn.
Superior quality t-strap shoes that could be worn barefoot. (stretch them first with socks on).

Best baby flat feet shoes with arches and heel support

Best baby flat feet shoes


Nina from Northbrook, IL  -  30/08/2020

Lovely baby shoe - quality all the way. Stiff at first but after one wear they loosen nicely. Perfect for wide, chubby feet - my son wears them daily and they look lovely on. Great arch support, and sturdy heel - that is exactly what little feet need! Child have to have quality shoes since little feet are forming and developing so I can't imagine buying cheap crocks or some other garbage out there sold locally. Thank you for the shoes - I will be back for Winter for sure.

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