Walking leather wide high instep baby boys shoes

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: August Green

Best baby flat feet shoes with arches and heel support

Best baby flat feet shoes

Ankle pronation sandals/shoes for kids
Quality baby shoes with good support
Cross between a shoe and sandal.
Made out leather and offers good ankle support
Ankle support, sturdy heel and soft soles.
Good ankle support at its best since they feature reinforced heel support.
There is a peace of leather that keeps ankles straight and sturdy.
That feature alone prevents pronation, pigeon toe and offers best ankle support.
Ankle high, high tops folks, no low none supportive shoes for your baby.
Cheap shoes made in China destroy kids feet.
New technology on those shoes from Europe.
Arch support is manufactured into the soles
That way the foot is supported at all times.
Lining is added into the shoe but that is not the support
Sole is, that sole conforms to foot so child when running, walking, jumping
Has a proper support.
All the shoes are manufactured same way in Europe since 2005
Italians invented orthopedic soles and shortly after Orthopedic Ministry of Health approved that innovation.
All the shoes are manufactures same way in Europe.
There is no flat shoes in Europe, it never was and never will be.


Nina from Northbrook, IL  -  30/08/2020

Lovely baby shoe - quality all the way. Stiff at first but after one wear they loosen nicely. Perfect for wide, chubby feet - my son wears them daily and they look lovely on. Great arch support, and sturdy heel - that is exactly what little feet need! Child have to have quality shoes since little feet are forming and developing so I can't imagine buying cheap crocks or some other garbage out there sold locally. Thank you for the shoes - I will be back for Winter for sure.

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