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High quality kids boots with arches

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Brands Kopecki

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  • High quality kids boots with arches
    European made red leather boots for girls.
    Red ecological leather with sweater-cuff and upper decorative buckle.
    Lined with wool waterproof style.
    Close with a side zipper.
    Easy on and off designed not to let the snow get into the boot.
    They slip right up easily on girls foot.
    Total fashion orthopedic boots for a child
    Lined with wool and they are waterproof so child can wear them entire winter with ease.
    Arches added into the soles of the boots since no flat snow boots are ever produced in Europe.
    Soft soles with traction best for snow
    Light in weight, not heavy clunky - back heel is supported to prevent and treat pronation.
    Those snow boots are not like UGS...they actually supportive orthopedic snow boots
    Every child wears them in Europe in a winter.

    Waterproof and snowproof boots

    Tall fashion boots for kids in red leather


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    Nina - Mom from Ohio 2013-11-19 15:59:00

    Stylish boots and solidly made! Finally truly European made product. I just found that site and it was my first order and the shoes arrived super fast. Ordered size up as suggested and they fit my daughter exceptionally well. They look like adult boots for a child and they are really pretty.

    Anina C - USA 2013-08-23 22:52:52

    I taught that by the zipper not being all the way the boots will be hard to place on - however, they are not. Easiest in and out - my daughter was thrilled. Fantastic red color and they just beautiful! That wool inside is amazing. I ordered size 28 since suggested size up and yes, they are bigger with some room to spear we will enjoy them this winter here in Colorado! I have been buying your shoes since my daughter was a baby and the shoes were supreme quality - every time. I just had a baby girl and again I will continue to support your store! Lovely products you sell!!!! Sincerely Anina C from Colorado

    Janine - Potomac, NJ 2012-12-28 13:10:00

    I love those boots! They look amazing on my daughter. Perfect red leather, style and that wool inside is amazing. They are elegant as well. I get asked all the time where do I bought them. Grown-up looking boot for a child. I am very pleased. Thanks,