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High top corrective ankle boots for kids

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Manufacturer Kopecki

Product Code: Andrea Purple

  • SKU: 55-7845125689
  • Tags:  fix child ankle pronation shoes

    High top corrective boots for kids
    Pronation deformity best corrective high top boots for kids high arches.
    Best high tops corrective for slim foot and narrow feet.
    Corrective for ankles turning inwards with best ortho support high top.
    Purple/gray in color with a hint of gray.
    Ortho high top corrective boots with all the features as they should be since they form and support children growing and forming feet.
    Quality shoes form kids feet and prevent all orthopedic problems
    Imported from Europe and not made in low cost production country out of cheap leather with zero support.
    Waterproof and perfect for any cold temperature and rain.
    Cheap shoes made in China destroy and deform kids feet completely since they are not supportive nor corrective.
    No high top ankle corrective support in any low cost boots, they are made out of cheap leather in ultra low cost countries.
    Clear examples are local high top shoes sold in USA, sad part is that none of them are corrective nor supportive.
    No arch, no heel support, no leather, no none sweat soles - nothing - so how those low cost shoes supposed to form kids feet correctly?
    You will clearly see results on your child's feet...pigeon toes, pronation, flat feet, weak ankles - all resulting from low cost shoes.

    Pronation deformity correction boots for kids

    High top made with best leather and heel support


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