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High tops for a baby learning to walk from France

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Bolani Pink

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  • High tops for a baby learning to walk
    New walking
    supportive shoes for a baby with orthopedic arch support.
    Baby deer shoes for new walkers.
    Heel support
    best orthopedic baby shoes.
    Proper arches, heel support and good anti sweat soles
    Simply beautiful style that will match any outfit.
    Pink metallic/gold/rose leather and decorated with flower.
    Side panels of the shoe are decorated with delicate print
    Lovely shoe that could be worn as a sandal in the Summer.
    Avoid shoes with zero support commonly sold in any USA store.
    They destroy and deform your toddlers feet.
    They causing more foot damage then you can even imagine. (see our blog below)
    Just ask yourself since when rubber shoe with zero support, no ankle support is good for your toddler's feet?
    They damage the feet sometimes beyond repair.

    Heel support best orthopedic baby shoes

    New walking supportive shoes for a baby


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    Natasha from California 2017-05-22 20:02:49

    Lovely shoes for a child...ankle support, fit, arch support - all there and they are made in France as described. Impossible to find original European made products in USA. Everything sold here is made in China. Shoes included. Well, shoes for kids have to supportive, well fitted and if they made in China they are total junk that deforms kids feet. I am Russian so I know what I am talking about....we have quality shoes from young age and well formed feet, best posture as an adult. In USA you can only buy shoes made in China that deform kids feet, so doctors can fit them for orthodics later and healthcare business spins....Amazing....