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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Dionizy Olive

House shoes good arches for a baby to learn how to walk

House shoes for a baby to learn how to walk
Proper ortho walkers for your toddler.

Olive canvas material featuring a plane.
Stays on with special clip that baby will not open, easy for a parent to close.
Arches like inflated pillows since they are needed for proper foot development.
Foot forming best for kids since they need ankle support for best posture and foot alignment.
Those walkers are next best thing to a leather shoe but much more comfy then leather high tops.
Feet will never smell in them due to special soles.
Children in Europe wear them in a house, daycare and even take naps in them   
Strongly recommended by every foot doctor in Europe since originally they were designed by a foot doctor back in 1980.

Flexible green breathable air ventilation rubber sole.
Slippers/canvas to be worn inside
They could be worn with or without socks.
Every child wears them in Europe.
Orthopedic best for your child.
Those canvas support toddlers foot equally good as leather shoes do but children wear them inside the house or daycare.
Orthopedic arches are added to the sole of the model.
Sole is contoured to support little feet and arch support is added.
Ankle support is present there as well since all children need that.
None sweat innersoles are added as well since kids feet perspire double then adults.
You can rest assured that those slippers will support kids feet to perfection and property provide optimal support for a child.
Canvas is a breathable material but added with supportive sole it provides excellent foot and ankle support.

    Orthopedic slippers/canvas shoes for boy

    Flat foot support best kids shoes


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