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House shoes for knocked knees in boys
Best with ankle support - they are high in the back
They do not bend in the heel at all.
Just at the soles as they should.
Easy close with side clip that will even further stabilize child's foot.
Absolute best for small growing feet.
Type of a house shoe that every kids in Europe wears.
They support feet, posture, knees
Over time they will correctly form kids foot and restore all the foot problems.
Wear them along with supportive high top shoes.
Avoid cheap none supportive shoes for your child as they deform their feet.
All the feet problems conditions in kids are caused by junk shoes from China with zero support.
We in Europe never buy shoes shoes for our children since their feet will be destroyed with them over time.

Quality house shoes made in Europe

Brown canvas slippers for a boy with best arch support


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Denise mom from Portland 2014-04-11 21:07:54

Great quality with leather arch support inside. Love that clip on the site of the style and design is great! My son wears them in the house and his feet are always dry (no smelly feet) plus they have back support and sturdy heel. This is what kids slippers should be like, supportive and quality. I will be back for sandals soon. Thanks, Denise