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Insole shoes for high arches

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Jaskolka Lavender

  • SKU: 12-4785
  • Insole shoes for high arches
    The insoles with arches are inside those super sneakers.
    Antibacterial innersoles inside so no sweaty smelly feet in those sneakers ever.
    Best walking shoes for supination or pronation in kids
    Heel in them is reinforced and keeps the foot in a packet for extra support.
    Over time they will align kids feet and ankles.
    They are lower in the back but ankle support is there since no supportive shoes are ever produced in Europe.
    Running daily sneakers for kids in purple and pink leather.
    Foot forming best leather sneakers for a girl.
    Corrective sneakers for girls
    Pronated feet that need support.
    Great arch leather shoes that will not perspire when worn
    Comfort sneakers for girls with proper orthopedic arches present
    Best sneakers that you can buy for a child with actual orthopedic arches present
    They shape and form kids feet correctly - giving needed orthopedic support.

    Best walking shoes for supination in kids

    Corrective sneakers for girls that need arch support.


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