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Italian girls leather shoes with high arch support

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Brands Pink Apple

Product Code: Ambrozja Pink

  • SKU: 77-225896
  • Italian pink girls shoes with high arch support.

    Flat foot best support shoes for girls
    Pink metallic leather decorated with hand stitched flowers.
    Ortho mary janes for a girl best for foot support child.
    Supination support leather shoes for girls.
    Over time they will straighten child's foot.
    Aligning kids feet takes time since feet are formed by good shoes
    As child grows feet form so good shoes are needed to prop that support.
    Every foot defect is fixable with quality shoes
    Alignment takes time so invest in good shoes
    for a child and watch feet improve.
    Doctor prescribed orthodics will never restore feet to healthy condition
    Quality shoes only will- orthopedic ones.

    Flat foot best support shoes for girls

    Hand made in Italy by Pink Apple


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    Mandi - Waldwik, NJ 2012-08-28 22:43:36

    Beautiful and unique design. I hesitated at first to buy them since they are expensive. However, then I unpacked them I immediately noticed they are designer shoes in every way. Hand detail on those shoes is one of a kind. Quality superb and they plainly beautiful. I am a true fan of your store and I will continue to make purchases. You so sell lovely shoes for kids!

    Dina S. from Kansas 2012-03-29 19:09:41

    Pink Apple - superb brand and my favorite. My daughter worn those shoes entire Fall and they look like new. Those shoes never wear out. Expensive but worth the price. I get stopped and asked about those shoes constantly.