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Foot problems sandals ortho arch support

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Manufacturer Kopecki

Product Code: Pruska Pink

  • SKU: 55-788528
  • Kids foot problems sandals ortho arch support.
    Good fit for narrow feet style with best ortho problems.
    They are also suitable for children in general as they supportive summer shoes that every child wears in Europe.
    We have no such thing as low quality shoes for any child.
    They are viewed as developmental need for any child.
    Ortho problems are caused by wearing low quality shoes with zero support
    Over time they deform and destroy kids feet.
    Pronation, pigeon toes, ankle turning inwards are cause of wearing low quality shoes as a child.
    High tops with good heel and arches
    Made out of the best quality fuchsia leather.
    Elegant, dressy boot yet toned down for any girl.
    Proper ankle ortho high top foot problems sandals for a child with ankle pronation.
    Ankle is sturdy, stiff and that is the way it needs to be to provide optimal foot problems support.
    Good arches present with anti sweat soles.
    Lovely sandal for a child best leather used.
    European foot problems sandals for girls are simply the best as they correctly support and form girls feet.
    Shoes with no support commonly sold in USA destroy girls feet developing flat feet, ankle pronation and pigeon toes.
    In Europe every child wears only quality shoes as those to avoid any foot problems.
    That is why it is important that children wear only best shoes at all times.

    Elegant leather sandals for girls

    Flexible sole sandals for girls


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