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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Porost Black

Knock knees flat feet best shoes

Knock knees flat feet best shoes
Heel is supported and reinforced in those shoes.
Child needs that kind of shoes for ankle support.
Leather European made boys shoes with good arches
Stylish orthopedic leather shoes for youth/teen boy.
Black natural smooth leather.
Decorated with a yellow accent.
Good arches and none sweat soles present.
Proper ortho leather shoes for a child.
We Europeans only buy such shoes for our children.
No cheap shoes are allowed for any child.
They have to be orthopedic with good support as those so they will form child's feet correctly.
We have a total proof by looking at our own feet since we have generations of kids who grow up on quality shoes and none display any feet problems.
If child is wearing cheap shoes expect deformed feet and posture.

Leather European made boys shoes with good arches

Good arch leather shoes for boys


R.T mom from Oklahoma  -  13/03/2020

I got those shoes back in November and since then my son wore them everyday - I mean everyday since they are his favorite shoes. First, they hold up so well that I could finally justify the price of them. No scuff, no velcro breaks, no smelly feet, no blisters and most of all great support inside. I can honestly say those have been the most durable shoes we ever had. My son still wears them now I am sure we make it till end of the year so it was money well spent. I will buy sandals from that site very soon to see if they will be as durable as those shoes. However, I am very pleased with this specific model.

Suzan - mom from Texas  -  12/03/2020

I wanted durable shoe for my son for school. I had few of cheap shoes this season and they all fall apart. $50 times 4 = $200 I have spent on literally junk shoes this year. Also, I see his feet are flat as well so I figure I try to buy European shoes so see if they are any better. I ordered those and after a month I see it is a huge difference. They are durable, well made and have actual arch support inside. My son does not complain of any leg pain anymore. Well, now we can compare quality to junk so quality wins. I will buy another pair in a Spring and pair of sandals. I can see that quality shoes make a huge difference on child's feet so hopefully they improve his flat feet.

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