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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Kabul Navy

Knocked knees support blue shoes for kids

Knocked knees support shoes for kids
Stable heel support needed with reinforced heel preventive for knocked knees.
Orthopedic heel supportive knocked knees sneakers designed and made in Serbia.
Arches added to the soles of the shoes like all of them made in Europe.
Notice that high in the back and provide good ankle support.
Over time they will align kids feet and ankles.
It takes about 4 years of quality stable shoes only to see knocked knees improvement in kids feet.
Those are nice and durable daily sneakers.

Combination of blue/orange leather and mash material.
Feet will never sweat in those shoes due to special soles.
Kids wear such sneakers in Europe and end up with perfectly shaped feet.
Quality shoes for kids are ultra important for kids - they support and form their feet.

Orthopedic heel supportive boys shoes

Blue leather fashion walking shoes for boys


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