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Leather good walking shoes for kids New Zealand
Yes, since we ship the shoes all over the world!
Those shoes are perfect walkers and cross between a sandal and a shoe.
Hard sole baby best supportive shoes
Kids walking trainers with good arches
Made out fuchsia leather.
Correction shoes for a child
with arches for new walkers.
Best for weak ankles, flat feet and ankle pronation.
Great arches, good heel supportive with none sweat soles.
Best for slimmer feet best ortho support for child.
Proper orthopedic shoes for a child that are best for growing forming feet.
Only European made shoes are orthopedic (the original ones) since we do not import shoes from China - ever.
China is known from producing low quality products and they have no clue what orthopedic shoe even is, how to measure, how to fit etc
Support in those shoes is a key and what they will do to your child's foot - not the decorative stuff.
Yes, they are cure but we Europeans view them as child developmental need - it is not a fashion in any way.

Hard sole baby supportive shoes

Kids walking trainers with good arches


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