Leather closed heel high sandals for boys

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Sarif Gray

Leather sandals for boys
Alivated ankles leather sandals for kids with high arch support
Ankles turning in correction high tops for boys
High supportive study heel preventive for pronation
Made out of gray/blue/navy leather.
Excellent leather orthopedic
Will not sweat in those leather sandals.
Good soles for walking
Superior quality sandal for little walker.
Easily adjustable on the instep for wide feet.
Appropriate leather sandals for a child with ankle support that will assist in best posture and foot development.
Made in Europe out of best quality leather possible.
Orthopedic best leather shoes only come from Europe since footwear for kids is regulated by European Ministry of Health.
Orthopedic leather shoes are a specialized tool for correcting existing foot defects, preventing the worsening of deformation,
Case of irreversible deformations, provide comfort and convenience in walking.
They are also used in situations of shortening the lower limb to compensate for the difference in limb lengths.

There are several types of orthopedic leather shoes.

Most often orthopedic footwear has a Thomas heel, which supports the treatment of flat-valgus feet.

Those leather sandals feature orthopedic ankle supportive heel but there is also Thomas Heel
Orthopedic sole that it is even better then Thomas sole

It is lighter in weight, less clunky, less wide and provides better ankle support.

Child can easily manuver in those leather shoes and not trip.

Thomas heel shoes are better for kids with extra wide feet and high instep.

Regural to narrow feet children do not walk well in those Thomas heel sandals as they are clunky for them.
Shoes can also be equipped with an inverted Thomas heel recommended in case of clubfoot and for children prone to sprains of the lower ankle.

In turn, redaction footwear is used for clubfoot and adduction.

We also distinguish specialized orthopedic leather shoes enabling connection with orthosis stabilizing joints.

Alivated ankles sandals for kids

Ankles turning in correction high tops for boys


Vicky  -  31/03/2017

Those are super sandals for wide feet. Finally velcros are long enough to close the sandal. Nice quality.

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