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Brand: Lelli Kelly

Product Code: Rista Yellow

Lelli Kelly Sneakers for Kids | Canvas Shoes for Girls with Arches

Lelli Kelly yellow canvas sneakers for kids from Europe
Lelli Kelly is made by company in Italy town of Lucia.
Sparkle shoes with good support for girls by Lelli Kelly.
Those sparkles are attached by plastic tread so no way you ever loose one sparkle.
You can even wash them in a washer but remove innersoles from the inside.
Lelli Kelly colorful sequence sneakers for kids from Europe
Europe fashion canvas shoe with huge fashion statement for any girl.
Yellow canvas filled with multicolored beads featuring flowers by Lelli Kelly.
Decoration attached with fish line so they will not fall off.
Arches added to the sole with anti sweat soles.
Kids like those shoes for summer
They comfy and good to wear with no socks.
Proper ortho Lelli Kelly canvas shoes for girls by Lelli Kelly
Those shoes are durable and best for a child to wear in a Summer months.
Orthopedic arches added to the sole of the model.
None sweat soles present, so no smelly sweaty feet ever in Lelli Kelly.
Great alternative for leather shoes since those breathe better.

Lelli Kelly are fun sparkly shoes, sandals, sneakers that are decorative with sequence that is arranged in unique patterns. The shoes were developed in Italy as a part of whole line of Lelli Kelly shoes, clothes, jeans, backpacks and school accessories that was designed to target young teen girls. The line also offers shoes for babies with fun sequence that fits well their feet. The line was developed in 1990 and become an instant success and quickly sold in Italy, France, Spain and Germany. First shoes of Lelli Kelly appeared in USA in early 2003 and also become very popular locally with USA teens. Lelli Kelly shoes are fun, durable and perfect for summer wear. Girls love colorful shoes and sandals that stand out as part of any outfit. The line is filled with leather sandals, shoes, as well as canvas shoes that support kids feet to the fullest. The sequence is attached with durable plastic treads that keeps the sequence on and never wears off. Colorful flowers, circles, patterns are added as decorative on shoes and other items that Lelli Kelly proudly produces. We begun carrying Lelli Kelly shoes back in 2004 and over the years we offered them for our local customers.

Kids from Europe made with yellow canvas

Canas shoes for girls in colorful sparkle


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