Lelli Kelly Sneakers for Kids | Canvas Shoes for Girls with Arches

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Brand: Lelli Kelly

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Tennis shoes canvas for children with arches high back support new walkers, profiled soles, orthopedic arches present and best for summer walking or indoor as house children walkers. Canvas arches from Europe are best to wear in a summer with no socks, comfortable with high arches and good ankle support. They have antibacterial breathable innersoles so anti smell, none sweat feet ever. They are recommended by European pediatricians and considered orthopedic with proper ankle, arches, heel support preventive for flat feetpigeon toes, pronation and supination. Children wear canvas with arches in home or daycare at all times since they provide optimal foot support for small growing feet. Orthopedic arches are in the soles of those canvas and it is a new technology that was developed in 1990 on all canvas walkers. Sole is molded to show orthopedic arch since rubber never goes flat but instead supports kids feet to the fullest. There is no arches in lining of the canvas anymore, the arches are in the soles. Every child in Europe starts with those canvas and wears them as an addition to leather supportive walkers outside. Those canvas are great inside the house, daycare, school where feet are supported at all times while child is comfortable. We also offer sparkly unique tennis shoes with beads from major European brands such as Naturino, Falcotto, Renbut, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Garvalin, Lelli Kelly and others. Those sneakers are fun, colorful and perfect for Summer wear.

Kids from Europe made with yellow canvas

Canas shoes for girls in colorful sparkle


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