Lelli Kelly Girls Canvas | Italian Sandals with Sparkles

Lelli Kelly girls sandals and canvas shoes from Italy best for summer. None smell anti sweat soles, good arches with proper foot support. Sparkle canvas shoes and sandals that every child want to wear in a Spring or Summer. Lelli Kelly brand started in Italy back in 2000 with a huge merchandise line of jeans jackets, skirts, t-shirts, shoes, sandals, makeup and school products. Lelli Kelly brand was geared toward young girls with their unique appeal to sparkles, sequence, flowers, fun beaded patterns that brand placed literally on every product they produced. The unique feature is that Lelli Kelly shoes and sandals can be machine washed and then air dried. The beads and sparkles on them are attached with plastic treads so the sequins do not fall off.  They also very durable and are easily able to withstand constant wear. We ordered their shoes and sandals first time in 2005 from Santa Lucia Italy and we learned them to be a big hit in our stores. Every girl wanted those shoes and sandals since they were fun, comfortable supportive for Summer. We still favor them today for Summer wear and we sell them very well every season. They have been on the market for a while now but they are still our best sellers.  The shoes were developed in Italy as a part of whole line of Lelli Kelly shoes, clothes, jeans, backpacks and school accessories that was designed to target young teen girls. The line also offers shoes for babies with fun sequence that fits well their feet. The line was developed in 1990 and become an instant success and quickly sold in Italy, France, Spain and Germany.  Lelli Kelly shoes are fun, durable and perfect for summer wear. Girls love colorful shoes and sandals that stand out as part of any outfit. The line is filled with leather sandals, shoes, as well as canvas shoes that support kids feet to the fullest. The sequence is attached with durable plastic treads that keeps the sequence on and never wears off. Colorful flowers, circles, patterns are added as decorative on shoes and other items that Lelli Kelly proudly produces.

Best canvas shoes for kids from Italy

Lelli Kelly canvas shoes decorated with beads

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