Designer comfort leather shoes from Europe

Maciejka orthopedic shoes sneakers and boots for women from Europe. Soft soles best sneakers ultra comfortable sneakers with high arches. Offered in many colors. Low heel walking shoes for and proper orthopedic support. Made out of quality leathers with high orthopedic support. Manufactured out of soft sheep leather by Maciejka brand. Arches present and are added to the soles of the orthopedic model. They are comfy like you will have a slippers on your feet. They are weightless as well with none sweat soles. No smelly feet in those orthopedic shoes ever, they will absorb and release smell out of them. You can wear them barefoot easily and no smelly feet in those shoes ever. No synthetic material is added but 100% sheep leather. Those orthopedic shoes are designed for comfort and long term walking. You can do miles in those shoes and feel like you have nothing on your feet. Shoes in Europe are costly and cost a fortune these days due to Euro exchange and labor costs. Workers in Europe get paid living wages so cost of materials and labor is high. However, you as a customer get quality for your money. Shoes of that caliber last on average 9 years of constant wear. We sold them extremely well since once they are on feet you can clearly feel the effect.

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