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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Bimbo Purple

Girls purple sandals for narrow feet with arches

Narrow feet best girls sandals with good support.  
Orthopedic soft and best quality you can buy.
Narrow sandals made out of purple leather and decorated with flower.
Best fit for regural to narrow feet sandals.
They could be easily adjusted at the instep since they regulate by two velcros.
They look great on girls feet - like a glove.
Soles are measured for narrow foot perfectly.
Absolute best ortho support for a girl with narrow feet.
Ankles, heel supportive, arches, none sweat narrow soles in those .
Narrow ankle is closed and supported to perfection.
Child will never sweat in those narrow sandals either. narrow sandals
Padded collar for total comfort in those narrow sandals.
Will align and adjust kids feet in proper position
Will help with various foot orthopedic conditions child might experience
Weak ankles, flat feet, pronation or pigeon toes.
Try them they absolute best ortho narrow sandals.
We have those narrow sandals in other colors and styles so check out the site for more designs.
Narrow, narrow,narrow,narrow,narrow,narrow width best

Orthopedic soft and best quality you can buy

Good support girls sandals for girls


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