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Natural steps girls blue orthopedic slippers with arches

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Wrozka Blue

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    Natural steps girls blue slippers with arches
    Blue fairy slippers/canvas shoes for a baby natural step girl.
    Proper ortho house girls natural step shoes walkers for toddlers.
    Every child wears them in Europe due to special support.
    They compare to leather ortho high top shoes but much more comfortable for children in the house.
    They wear them all the time in a house, daycare or take naps in them.
    They are weightless on their feet but when they stand up proper orthopedic support is there.
    Kids in Europe does not run around barefoot, on the beach yes but not in the house.
    The reason for that is when child stand up and begins to walk, their body weight goes to the feet naturally
    So their soft ankles, bones, joins needs to be supported.
    It is very important for them to wear ankle high supportive natural step house shoes.
    Those slippers do wonderful job.
    Easy on and off style.
    Try them children love to wear them, they have been on the market in Europe since 1980 so they have been tested and worn by many children.
    The sole is flexible with profiled soles visible arch support for proper ankle and foot support.

    Good arch blue slippers for kids

    High arch support house shoes toddlers


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