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Natural Steps Toddler Shoes | Best for Learning to Walk

Natural steps toddler shoes for learning to walk
Orthopedic best with proper reinforced heel for good ankle support.
Orthopedic arches added to the sole of the model and they are accented in leather lining of the shoe.
Antibacterial innersoles inside so no sweaty smelly feet ever.
Soft flexible rubber soles with good traction.
Absolute best walking shoes for a toddler.
Only kind of shoes we place on children in Europe to achieve well formed feet and best posture.
Those shoes provide optimal support for growing and developing feet
Only orthopedic, supportive shoes come from Europe - not China.
Shoes sold in USA are all made in China and they are the worst shoes that you can buy for a child.
Over time they destroy and deform kids feet and posture
Cheap shoes cause flat feet, pigeon toes, tip toe walking and ankle pronation.
Those shoes are made out of natural leather no mercury present.
Shoes from China made out of local leather always has traces of mercury
Made out of fuchsia/black patent leather.
Those are the type of shoes that every child should wear for proper foot development
Not just those children with feet issues but in general to prevent any orthopedic issues.

Flat foot support baby orthopedic shoes

Ankle support best leather shoes for child


M.C - Danbury, CT  -  13/09/2021

Great quality shoes for my baby. She walks so nice in them! I am so pleased. Great arch support, fit and quality of leather is 10 stars or better. Inside there is a huge orthopedic arch present - that is what I wanted quality shoes for my baby! Thank you - I will shop again!

Justine D from Chicago,IL  -  17/06/2021

Great price too for such quality. European shoes are so well made - there is no comparison to local US (Chinese made shoes). Those give my daughter fantastic support and fit. Leather all around. Love them.

Marysa from Palo Alto  -  11/07/2020

This is a cute little shoe with great support. I got them for my child to wear in a Fall and judging from how she is walking in them this one is a keeper! They are a bit big with growing room left since I need them for September anyway. The fit is wonderful and quality as well. I had sandals from that brand this summer and they were wonderful! I love this store, they offer best shoes for kids of all ages.

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