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Navy dress flats for girls with good arches
Cute casual or dressy leather ballerina shoe for any girl.
Made in Italy by Formentini.
Slips on easy and stays on girls feet.
The back of the shoe is secured with special rubber that keep them on girls feet.
That way they stay on girls feet, they never slip out in the back.
None sweat soles present so could be worn with no socks.
Orthopedic arches present and sweat soles.
Cute well made shoes for a child.
Order size up as they run small.

Flats that stay on kids feet with good arch

Navy leather ballerina shoe for a child


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Debra mom of 3 2014-07-22 13:08:31

Great quality shoes and they great for narrow feet. Yes, they do run small so I did ordered size up and they fit great with some growing room left. They have arch support inside - a huge bump that yo never see in this type of shoes. Thanks,

Leni - Utah, US 2013-07-19 15:57:14

Cute and adorable shoes! Great support inside and the do stay on kids feet. No back slip! Soft leather and well profiled soles, flexible. My daughter wears them non stop...(I love your store and selection you offer - quality store with quality shoes --- something we lacking in USA - honestly I am tired of spending money on cheap imported goods that fall apart too quickly).