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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Moki Navy

Navy leather durable orthopedic school shoes girl

Navy patent leather school shoes for a girl
Dressy or casual for school that are durable
Ortho shoes with visible arches.
High arch, good support and none sweat soles.
Cute decorated with bows.
Well made shoes for any season from Europe.
Invest in good shoes for your child as they shape their feet.
Cheap shoes shot, deform kids feet
Over time you notice flat feet, ankles collapsing and pigeon toes
That is a cause of cheap none supportive shoes worn as child.
In Europe every pediatrician will tell you that
In USA doctors suggest that shoes for a child does not matter
Really, then what is affecting child's deformed feet?
Shoes - nothing else. 

Good school shoes for girls

European dress shoes for a child.


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