Optimal arch purple sneakers for girls

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Pieczarka Purple

Optimal support girls purple sneakers
Those European shoes have it all - look, support and quality leather.
Type of shoes that every child needs for their feet.
Unique purple leather with gray accent.
Beneficial for girls deformed feet such as flat feet or weak ankles.
Even they appear to be low at the heel they feature good ankle support that keeps ankles sturdy and stable.
They do not bent at the heel and that is needed to keep ankles straight and aligned.
They have a peace of leather added to the heel counter and that feature alone keeps feet straight and aligned into correct position.
Suggested by every foot doctor in Europe for daily wear.
Those sneakers will not smell in any way, have soles with fresh ventilation.
Child can wear them with no socks in the summer since they have antibacterial innersoles in them.
Soles are beige with hint of purple
Good leather sneakers for girls to wear in any season.
They are not heavy, chunky, optimal comfort for any child.
We love them - they look cool unique, well made, great leather on them and most important of all they are orthopedic.

Beneficial for girls deformed feet such as flat feet

Suggested by every foot doctor in Europe for daily wear


Tom from Sacramento, CA  -  30/08/2020

100 stars plus! Those are the coolest sporty shoes that I seen for a child. I just bought another par for my 7 years old daughter. You can't find such cool shoes in LA. Next to impossible for a kid. All you see is typical Stride Rite, Nike, New Balance. Nothing cool like that brand. You just gained another client. Thanks you - Tom

Sandi C - Newport, RI  -  13/09/2019

Great, quality shoes for a child. Truly lovely style. Flexible, great leather and fit is fantastic. Clearly visible orthopedic arch inside the shoe. Wonderful quality. I am so glad that I got them for my 5 year old girl. She likes them a lot and wears them daily to school.

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