Ortho baby pink sandals with support

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Jama Pink

Ortho baby sandals with support
Ankle support best for natural step walking for baby.
First step ortho sandals for baby or toddler with high arches.
Soft profiled and supportive baby ortho sandals.
Made out of pink/silver smooth leather decorated with colorful flower
They will shape your baby foot correctly over time as child wears them.
As shoes or sandals should, form little feet.
Avoid cheap shoes or sandals from low cost countries.
They not offer any support at all to kids feet.
They will deform baby feet if low quality sandals are used.
Ortho sandals for a baby should last 4-6 months.
If measured correctly they will last entire season.
In Europe baby wears only such ortho sandals and end up with well formed feet and good posture.
They prevent any foot deformation and all orthopedic problems.

Ankle support ortho shoes for natural step walking

First step ortho shoes for kids


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