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Orthopedic sandals with good arch support

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Manufacturer Kopecki

Product Code: Plata Multi

  • SKU: 12-4578569
  • Orthopedic sandals with good arch support
    Colorful style multi flower print.
    Pronation best ankle supportive toddler sandals that are needed for all children.
    They feature reinforced ankle support that keeps foot supported and elevated.
    The back is tall but padded so when child will be wearing them there will be no discomfort of any kind.
    Arch support is present in those sandals and contoured to the soles.
    Sole is made out of rubber and supports the foot to the fullest.
    They will never sweat or smell either since they absorb sweat from kids feet.
    Perfect for any type of foot perfect velcro closure.
    Proper ortho sandals for a girl - to prevent and treat many feet conditions.
    They are effective for flat feet, pigeon toes, pronation and bow legs.
    Foot forming alignment best sandals since they have to align kids feet correctly into correct position.
    This is the only sandals and shoes we place on kids in Europe and our children end up with perfect feet and posture.
    Medical community in Europe is focused on prevention of all orthopedic problems
    Therefore, first thing a parent hears in Europe when visits a pediatrician is what kind of shoes child should wear.
    Only orthopedic sandals and shoes as those - genuine manufactured in Europe.
    Those are lovely leather flower print style - truly unique!

    Pronation best ankle supportive toddler sandals

    Arch supports for kids high back support sandals


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