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Girls soft navy ortho shoes for baby

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Brands Biomecanics

Product Code: Gilba Navy

  • SKU: 88-78569
  • Orthopedic soft girls shoes
    Best soled shoes for a small baby taking first steps.
    Perfect new walkers with actual ortho support.
    Biomechanical sole that will keep baby's heel support in a packet.
    Navy leather with a silver flower.
    Best foot forming walkers for a child that you can buy.
    Shoes shape and form kids feet therefore it is important that they are best quality
    Avoid shoes made in China as they are not supportive nor orthopedic
    The process of manufacturing kids shoes is specific and only Europeans know how to make them correctly
    It is labor intensive process, soles have to be measured for average foot width for each size,(no Chinese factory measures width in any shoes they produce did you notice how wide they are)
    Leather processed without usage of chemicals (all leather from China has Mercury on it - not just shoes but any leather products they make)
    They have to be made according to orthopedic standards that support kids feet and form them correctly. Europe has such guidelines, China has none.
    Anti sweat soles are present in all European shoes (China has none, kids feet sweat and smell like crazy in any shoes they make)
    So in general shoes for kids made in China - not a good idea.
    They deform kids feet and that is why you see so many children walking around with pigeon toes and pronated ankles.
    The reason are cheap none orthopedic shoes.

    Best soled shoes for a small baby taking first steps

    Biomechanical sole with best heel and ankle support


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