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Out toeing shoes boys high support
High arch pronation best leather boots for kids
Made out camel/gray leather.
Accented with yellow color.
Closes with a side double velcro.
Great arches with none sweat soles.
Proper ankle support and best for pronation.
Child needs that to prevent collapsing ankles in kids.
Orthopedic best shoes for a child that you can buy.
Only shoes made in Europe are truly orthopedic and supportive.
Any brand sold in USA is made in China and those shoes offer zero support.
In the long run they cause all orthopedic problems kids develop.
Pigeon toes, tip toe walking, ankle pronation is a cause of wearing low quality shoes as child.
In Europe kids have well formed feet and posture because we wear good shoes as children.
Human feet develop and grow during childhood and alignment, posture, shape of feet is formed by quality shoes kids wear when they are growing.
So imagine if cheap shoes made in China with zero support are good for growing and forming feet.
They are horrible! All they do is deform and destroy kids feet in a process.
Thus invest in good shoes for your child since they affect their feet and posture entire life.

High arch pronation best leather boots for kids

Leather shoes for kids with high arches


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Mimi 2014-08-13 17:33:47

Very nice shoes and they match with jeans and casual outfits perfectly. Dark yellow, camel color blend with gray. Nice, nice shoes. Great support and durable. I had Kornecki shoes as last pair and was impressed with them so we got another one.