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Pediatric walker for a child with arches

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Sando Gray

  • SKU: 12-4578
  • Pediatric walker for a child with arches.
    Snow boots for children with all the orthopedic features that are needed for proper foot development.
    Child needs best shoes possible as their feet and posture develops.
    No cheap shoes with zero support are allowed for sale in Europe.
    Kids wear only such boots and end up with best formed feet and posture.
    Pigeon toes, pronation, flat feet and toe in condition is obtained by kids with shoes that have zero support.
    Child is not born with deformed feet or orthopedic problems.
    It is very rate - like 5% of babies might have feet issues.
    Kids with muscular problems mostly - but rest of the defects are from shoes.
    When kids are starting to walk only best supportive shoes are needed.
    They form and develop their feet - so only best shoes with good support are needed.
    Boots as those with proper orthopedic arches and waterproof lining as those.
    They are light in weight and will never keep child's feet wet.
    They are made in Europe not China so quality is superb to say the least.
    They help to form kids feet and develop great posture.
    Plus they are warm and fabulous on kids feet.

    Totally waterproof and snow proof boots for winter

    Top quality snow boots for boys


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