Italian baby deer shoes best for learning to walk and stand

Learning to stand and walk Italian baby Deer shoes best shoes for kids from Europe. Ankle supportive, corrective shoes for girls best for learning to walk and stand. Ankle pronation stop kids shoes with support. Yes, they are proper pronation stop boots for kids to help with pronation and restore child's foot. Pronation is caused by wearing low quality pronation stop boots with no ankle support. Over time child's feet begun to collapse and turn inwards. That is a cause of none supportive pronation stop boots child been wearing with no heel support, no arch no proper leather support. Shoes form and shape kids feet so in Europe they are viewed as medical need for a child. Every child wears quality pronation ankle stop boots from baby to teen years. As an adult person ends up with perfectly shaped and formed feet and posture. Shoes from China with no support are not even allowed for sale in any of European countries. Footwear for kids is regulated by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health. Every producer have to make kids ankle pronation stop boots locally and according to orthopedic guidelines. This system works well since Europe does not spends money on orthodics and improving deformed kids feet. Parents spent money on good stop shoes for kids instead of orthodics. USA has opposite system where first kids wear junk stop boots so their feet are deformed and then orthodics are sold to make an improvement. Orthodics will never restore child's deformed feet, only make some improvement. Proper support is only achieved with proper ankle supportive ankle stop shoes or sandals that are European made. USA does not produces orthopedic stop shoes, neither does China - only European countries. Shoes are expensive there as well but they properly made. Best leather is used, orthopedic support present, ankle support evident.

Feet turning inwards corrective high tops from Italy

Learning to walk and stand best corrective shoes

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