Weak ankles Spanish sturdy shoes for boys and girls

Weak ankles best ortho shoes from Spain with good orthopedic arches. Corrective for left ankles turning inwards, flat feet, weak ankles, pronation best corrective shoes. Made in Spain out of best leathers by Petit Shoes. Pigeon toed pronation shoes for a toddler.Best sandals for a toddler with severe pronation. They are ankle high with proper heel support that keeps ankles supported. Those are truly proper sandals for a toddler with pronation and weak ankles. Great footwear for toddler who learns to stand and walk. Those shoes and sandals are what we put on toddler in Europe. We never ever put low quality shoes on our toddler as they will destroy kids feet and posture. Only footwear made in Europe are proper and supportive. Why? Footwear for kids is regulated by European Ministry of Health so no cheap sandals are allowed for sale in any store in Europe. Shoes for kids are viewed as developmental need so money is spent on local supportive shoes. Every pediatrician will tell you that in Europe - only best sandals for a child. Europe does not have business of orthodics like USA does. Money is spent on good shoes for toddler and by the time they are teens they end up with well formed feet and great posture. All orthopedic problems kids experience are due to low quality shoes - pronation, pigeon toes, flat feet, weak ankles. Pronation is the most significant as not only feet are affected but also body gait. Since feet are pronated whole body shifts (either left or right shoulder gets lower) and whole posture shifts since feet shift and pronated ankles as well. There is no cure for that no surgery, adult will stay with affected body gait till rest of his or her life. Pain in the feet, knees, posture will be present entire life. Thus that is why we Europeans always spent money on good shoes for a child especially.

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