Pigeon Toes Stop Shoes for Kids | European Sturdy Sneakers

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Pigeon toes treatment shoes for kids
Restorative, supportive and orthopedic treatment shoes for a boy.

Best arch sneakers for kids in blue leather
Manufactured in Europe according to orthopedic treatment standards set by European Ministry of Health
Those ankle sneakers offer proper foot support so child can begin healing process and re-align his feet.
Wear only top quality treatment sneakers as those at all times and avoid local footwear child have been wearing.
Problem is that whatever quality shoe aligns and adjusts the foot cheap shoe will destroy that and you never will see any improvement.
Local USA sold footwear are all made in China and offer zero treatment foot support.
They literally destroy kids feet and thus pigeon toed.
Ankle shoes made in Europe are orthopedic treatment and they properly adjust and align kids feet.

No low quality footwear are ever manufactured in Europe since they shape kids feet, only the best treatment shoes.
Our European pediatricians and foot specialist will literally scream on any parent if they see child in cheap footwear (they never will see one since parents in Europe understand importance of good sneakers for kids)
Europe does not import or sell low quality footwear for kids - you will not find one in any dept. store in any country.
Reason is they have to be supportive and orthopedic and locally made in Europe
Law was set in 1989 to prevent any cheap footwear from low cost countries to enter Europe since our children will have deformed feet.
Cheap footwear for kids would affect our health system cost since there would be many children with deformed feet
Best option was to keep shoe production in Europe and manufacture them locally out of quality leathers with proper support.
So for the next 30 years it worked out well for us since we do not have any children with any feet problems.
They walk around in quality leather walkers that form their feet correctly so no doctors visits are needed and no orthodics.
Parents - it is the sneakers that affect your kids feet and if they wear cheap shoes they will develop orthopedic problems for sure.
That is why invest in good footwear for your child to avoid many problems and save money in a long run.

European made sneaker pigeon toe correction sneakers

Treatment shoes for toe walking


David J. from Oklahoma  -  01/01/2020

Great arch in those shoes. Study stiffer at first but loosen up nicely after one wear. My son liked them a lot and wore them none stop for 8 months. Worth the money for sure.

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