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Podiatric sandals for kids orthopedic

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Paprocki Gray

  • SKU: 55-4585
  • Podiatric sandals for kids orthopedic
    Pronation fix sandals for kids with deformed feet
    Made out of gray/turquoise nubuck leather and hint of mash material.
    Closed back for heel support and pronation adjustment.
    None sweat soles inside, they test well even in hottest weather.
    Wear only high ankle supportive shoes, sandals or boots of that caliber
    If you want to make pronation improvement in your child's feet.
    Remember only European shoes are quality and foot forming.
    Garbage shoes from China only deform kids feet.
    Pronation is acquired but none supportive cheap shoes - nothing else.
    We in Europe only put such caliber shoes on our kids and we grown up with well formed feet.
    It is all about the quality shoes form young age to teen.

    Pronation sandals for kids with deformed feet

    Closed back leather sandals for kids


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